Declared Information

SIDC staff is honoured to operate and maintain the first privately owned industrial park in Egypt, on a prime site spanning of about 8.7 million square meter of land which attracts local and international investments by using "customized opportunity base approach", providing quality infrastructure, optimizing use of resources and preparing profitable integrated business environment for its clients. Below are some points stated to declare transparency of all SIDC financial and legal activities:

  • SIDC'S Authorized Capital is 1 Billion EGP; Issued Capital is 100 Million EGP, paid in full.
  • SIDC did not obtain any debt facilities (loans) since incorporation, in the belief of the need to guide its debt power (loanability) to its customers. This has a good impact when attracting foreign banks.
  • SIDC was allocated a total area of 21,874,800 square meters in 1998 at the first Industrial Zone, North West Gulf of Suez in accordance with the Prime Ministerial Decree 1185/1998. SIDC signed an Allocation Contract with Suez Governorate reflecting a land price of 5 L.E. per square meter (paid in full) plus 10% (successively) of any land sale revenue (only) paid to Suez Governorate according to the payment schedule of each client.

SIDC Authorized activities:

  • Preparation and development of new industrial zone in Gulf of Suez region including; land paving, setting up its internal infrastructure plus supplying it with facilities, providing all necessary services for adaptation by various industries and to divide its allocated land into parcels to dispose of it to national and international investors.
  • Establishing and operating of a residential and services city including all its municipal facilities, in addition to establishing, managing and operating electrical  power plants with its transmission and distribution. Also refining and processing, and desalination of sea and water wells plus water transport and distribution, sewage and industrial waste treatment and telecommunications services and its networks and roads.
  • Performing economic and planning studies for the industrial zone. 
  • Preparation of economic, engineering and technological studies for intended projects. 
  • Marketing and promotion of the industrial zone to attract capital and industrial projects.
  • Management of the industrial zone and maintenance of its infrastructure facilities and installations and providing security and guard system.            n
  • The interest of the company is to take advantage of every inch of land. SIDC is not a land dealer who keeps land for a period of time just to sell it later at a higher price. SIDC adds value by installing state of the art infrastructure and providing administrative and logistical services. SIDC has reduced its total area of allocated land to 10.6278 million square meters in order to focus on the industrial development, not real estate.
  • In 2003 SIDC elected to give away its right in 1,872,312 square meters under the request of Egyptian Armed Forces and reduced the total area again to 8,755,488 square meters in order to ensure public benefit. Subsequently our Armed Forces were able to complete the New Qattamia - Sokhna Road.
  • SIDC developed all utilities including; roads, electrical cables and distributers, water supply, fire fighting, irrigation, telecommunications, waste water, natural gas networks as well as water pumping stations and sewage treatment plant.
  • In the belief of the importance of the environmental dimension, SIDC invested in constructing a sewage treatment plant, licensed non hazards solid waste landfill, and in an industrial waste water management system.
  • SIDC constructed the first licensed labour housing in Sokhna with capacity of 2400 inhabitants.
  • SIDC has been successful in attracting and retaining 21 national and international clients who produce a wide range of products (see list of clients). These products range from petrochemicals such as anhydrous ammonia, urea and sulphuric acid to construction products such as precast concrete, ceramics, silicone, high voltage electric cables, steel structures, aluminium sections and glass as well as bus assembly & oil recycling.
  • As per the Egyptian Export Council Q2/ 2011 statistics, SIDC is the home of the 1st and 3rd highest single exporters in Egypt
  • SIDC currently initiates investment and development in diversity of fields including; electrical appliances, cereal production, metallurgy, warehousing, meat processing, textile fibres, recycling, organic fertilizers, ware houses and commercial/cultural centre.
  • It is SIDC's credibility and confidence that has attracted the initial mass of industrial development to the project. Being always one step ahead of competition has secured SIDC the opportunity to attract premium industrial investments from the very first day. Yet, SIDC's commitment and track record of creating a sound development team will continue to grow and attract investors from all over the world.
  • SIDC is subjected to financial supervision of external auditor, that completed the 2010 audits. Also all the due taxes and insurances are all paid in accordance to Egyptian laws.
  •  Clearances and permits that are required for SIDC activities are all ongoing and renewed regularly.