Why choose Plug & Play in SIDC industrial park?

Our Vision

Plug & Play will be the prime private industrial park catering to the comprehensive needs of entrepreneurs to locate their start-up ventures.

Plug & Play ... A perfect location

Located just‎ near Cairo-Sokhna highway and proximal to Sokhna port & Suez Canal‎, Plug & Play gives you the great privilege of being 55 minutes away from Cairo and even fewer minutes away from exporting to overseas.

The location includes fast transportation to the port, and availability of linking easements (pipe lines) to it, availability of a large supply of qualified and cheap labor that can optionally be accommodated within the park. The surrounding hotel facilities can accommodate professionals, managers and engineers

Plug & Play ... The ideal neighborhood

Allocation of factories is done with a certain criteria to fit the nature of each industry. We strategically create a 'neighborhood of factories' adjusted to help integration across different industries. Hence, we not only prevent any negative consequences that may occur from one industry to another but we work on the benefit of the factories through symbiotic integration.

What is symbiotic integration?

Symbiotic integration is a strategy implemented for the mutual benefit between the two parties. It is simply when one factory, for example, lends the other carbon dioxide that is crucial for the other factory's operations for a mutual benefit and possible business cooperation. In Plug & Play, we encourage and support these types of relationships among our clients.

Plug & Play ... An ensured Quality

Plug and Play occupies 250,000 sq. meters for 280 small partitions that can excellently be used as ready-made factories and storage facilities with full utilities. Plug & Play as a part of SIDC's industrial park complies with the international standards of industrial parks. We provide all the ingredients of success for an industrial park that revolve around location, infrastructure service and management capability.

Plug & Play ... Flexibility in design

We have premises from 450 to 720 square meters (including 180 administrative + 75 ‎uncovered area to install your product) with the possibility to be customized upon request as well as multiplying the units for larger areas.

The spaces we provide have the possibility of installing an Overhead Crane up to 5 tons ‎and is built to bear a Fork Lift up to 1 ton. ‎

We also have pricing plans that fits you whether you're a well-established businessman, a mid-career businessman or an entrepreneur.

Plug & Play ... Your business partner

‎For the last 15 years, we excelled and proved our management capability of an industrial park; meeting our clients requests efficiently and responsively.

We play the role of ‎business partners with our clients‎ through our OPEX advantages which are presented in problem-solving, teamwork, and ‎leadership that leads to ongoing improvement in our industrial park. This ‎process keeps us focused on our customers' needs and provides a fruitful ‎workplace for them.

What is Operational Excellence?

As prime private industrial park, we focus on three pillars; responding to the needs of our business partner, empowering our employees to serve and help them, and optimizing existing activties in the service we provide to them.

These pillars grant our clients with ease of future induction, cost advantages, reliable infrastructure (IT infrastructure, Telecommunications, Sewage, Energy sources, etc), active support for integration, customized factories, and continuous high-quality maintenace.

Plug & Play ... Enhanced environmental performance

Clean and Controlled Environment is attained through flood management, productive landscape and the continuous supply of water. We always seek a 'productive landscape' which means that each tree we plant is meant to serve a specific need. For instance, we have a piece of land dedicated for camphor trees that help keep the environment surrounding our industrial park clean and unpolluted. Also we have a sewage plant dedicated to keep and make all the facilities eco-friendly.

The plug & play Prism of Benefits